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The intent of the OEM Basics Document is to give the reader an introduction to LED technology. This document covers both LED and the numerous cabinet and installation types that we manufacture. The document also provides an introduction to screen management and computer systems used for controlling LED screens.

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The primary function of the handbook is to expand your understanding of Custom LED products and technologies.

The handbook covers the following material:

  • Mesh LED
  • Curtain LED
  • Flexible LED
  • Glass LED

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Custom-LED-ProductsGlass & Transparent LED Handbook –

The following document is a handbook prepared by One World LED Australia in cooperation with One World Technology of Suzhou. It has been specifically developed in order to aid your understanding of LED display products and technologies. This handbook will help you learn about the full color LED display product specification, selection, installation and operation.

By reading this document you will also learn about the various options, features and functions of full color LED displays and billboards in single and multi-user applications, as well as the correct methods of deployment (application and contents development and management).

The handbook covers the following material:

LED Selection Factors
LED Supplier Selection
Check-lists and safety notes
LED parts and sub-assemblies
LED Installation Notes
Hardware and Software installation
LED Service and Common Issues
LED Video Production Notes

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Our LED Design Primers cover the following materials:

  • Principles of LED Design
  • Image Processing Design Considerations
  • Pulse Width Modulation Controls
  • Flash Module Array Control Systems & V-Commerce

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Our LED Screen Contents Primer covers the following materials:

  • Advertising and Commerce
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Signage, Messaging and Information

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