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At One World LED America’s we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the highest quality products while maintaining complete separation from market alternatives. Through offshore manufacturing, software and hardware development, patented technologies and our accredited authorised reseller network, we are able to offer you the best in LED technology.


LED Service's

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Design, manufacture & wholesale of licensed digital LED signage & displays.


Cloud based centralized content management software


Specialized engineering services and consultation


Technical support, diagnosis and service of LED display systems.

LED Sign

LED Sign We offer indoor and outdoor digital signs.From inception to installation, Watchfire’s inhouse engineering, software development, manufacturing and support teams will ensure you receive the best-looking, most-reliable display available.


Trailer screens are flexible in design and their portability opens possibilities for use in many locations for different types of applications. They can be used at sports clubs, roadside, for entertainment purposes, advertising, in car yards etc.


Outdoor visual communication has always been an important part of branding and marketing communication for organisations within almost all industries.


Digital out of Home Advertising (DOOH) is a rapidly growing and independently recognised media of advertising within the Out of Home (OOH) industry. The category is continuing to grow and will soon surpass the combined revenue of all other OOH categories. DOOH has grown from 11.3% of total ooH revenue in 2013 to 40.2% in 2016.


LED Stock

LED Stock Tickers grant users the ability to display real-time information on their LED screen, with the advantage of easily manipulated content. Stock tickers are not a new requirement, in fact they were one of the earliest forms of digital communication.


Why Select Us?

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

We have strategic relationships with globally recognised core industry manufacturers of all screen components, to whom we provide designs.


Through both our National Price Guarantee that is provided to all Resellers  we provide a high quality, long-term operation solution with increased opportunities for revenue through intelligent software solutions.


Ongoing investment into design, engineering, technology development and intellectual property that protects these assets positions us as a high-tech innovative company that is continuously shaping the market and paving the way for digital visual solutions.


Our Blog

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Digital Signage

For retailers small and large alike, adopting digital signage can bring the business firmly into an increasingly digital signage can be a point of advertising for your business’s products or services. A digital signage system also allows for the flexibility to change out messaging quickly. Promote sales, deals and loyalty programs in real time to keep your customers on top of what’s happening in your business on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis

Smart Cities
Smart cities contain smart public services, smart transportation, smart urban complex , smart urban comprehensive management operating platform and others projects. In these projects, LED display industry plays a huge role…
Which LED is Perfect for you?
For Indoors: Indoor LEDs are best suited for spaces typically fully protected from outdoor weather and direct sunlight. Our use of Silan LEDs is our key differentiation factor. The reduced need…
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